More money. More freedom.
More choices. More impact.

Learn how to get yourself out of the weeds!

Stop the madness of 50-60-70 hours weeks as the owner-operator.

Learn How To Be An Owner-Investor With Coaching From One Of America’s Top Entrepreneurs


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Learn from someone who's won these awards!

You are stuck running day-to-day operations. You started your business to get control over your time and money. But instead, you’ve become your own employee.

I show you how to transition from business owner to entrepreneur.

This LIVE COACHING EXPERIENCE teaches entrepreneurs just like you how the four strategies you need to implement to get you to work less and make more.

More money.

More freedom.

More choices.

More impact.

You can enjoy the benefits of business ownership without the hard work of being the owner-operator.

Why did you start your business? 

Maybe it was to make an impact.

Perhaps it was to solve a problem.

Maybe you wanted to take care of your family.

Or even simpler, you wanted freedom so you can live life on your terms.

Whatever the reason, you were brave enough to take the leap and grab life by horns. But the more you grow your business, the more time and energy you stand to lose.

As a growing entrepreneur, it’s common to:

  • Work 40-50-60+ hour weeks yet still fall short of financial freedom.
  • Spend so much time working that it negatively affects your personal life.
  • Feel stuck in a rut with no clear path forward. 
  • Worry about where the next sale is coming from.
  • Think about how you’ll keep your staff happily employed. 
  • Not know how to scale your business correctly.
  • Feel stressed out and in over your head.

If you’re not careful, you can easily spend all your time working for your business instead of having your business work for you.

Unless you have the right system that shows you the path to financial and time freedom…


My name is Jason Duncan, and I’m nationally recognized by Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines as one of the country’s top entrepreneurs.

I’ve built and run multiple million-dollar businesses without working those long weeks like you do. While I own five businesses, I don’t have to operate them full-time. Instead, I ride my motorcycle, go camping with my wife, travel, play guitar and spend time with my family when I want. 

My goal is simple. 

I want to help you live the life of your dreams by teaching you my proven formula on how to optimize your business for freedom so you can maximize your life and achieve breakthrough results. 

Any entrepreneur can achieve my level of success once they learn how to set up and manage their business properly. All you need is a genuine education from a qualified teacher who’s done it themselves.

That’s why I created this LIVE coaching program, The Business Accelerator.

The Business Accelerator is a hands-on, application-based, small group cohort where I teach qualified entrepreneurs how to exit without exiting no matter what stage of business they are in. 

Exit Without Exiting is a powerful concept that allows you enjoy the benefits of exiting your business while also enjoying the benefits of controlling your businessIt’s the perfect formula for freedom. 

It’s also the concept I use to manage my multiple million-dollar businesses and still have time to ride my motorcycle and go camping whenever I want.

Take a look inside the Business Accelerator.


  • Personal Coaching –  You get personal coaching with me in eight hours of private Zoom sessions, where I teach you step-by-step the process of becoming an owner-investor instead of an owner-operator.
  • Close Classroom Setting – You will learn the secrets of optimizing your business in a small and intimate group comprised of other entrepreneurs who are committed to success. This is intentionally designed to encourage discussion and learning.
  • Constant Contact – You’ll be partnered up with a different cohort member between each session to learn valuable perspectives on how to achieve your goals. And you will join a private Signal Group for you and your cohort to communicate with each other and me between sessions. This helps cement the concepts that I teach.


  • How to Embrace Delegation –  This is the mental framework that teaches you how to create the space where you actively & profitably enjoy your life and business. I’ll show you how to delegate to people and technology to cut your working hours in half!
  • How to Eliminate Stress: This teaches you how to manage tasks and stress in ways that accelerate your success instead of letting stress weigh you down. I’ll show you a secret focus-management technique used by the world’s most successful people as well as a universal law that governs how we deal with stress to completely eliminate it from our lives.
  • How to Establish Systems & Processes – You will learn an innovative sales system that helps you quickly identify pitfalls and opportunities. M y 20-point Matrix will give you the tool to identify your perfect customer within 5 minutes of meeting with a prospect. This will allow you to stop wasting time on tire-kickers and bad customers who cost you money. By spending your time on opportunities instead of wasting your time on pitfalls, you’ll be in an excellent position to grow your business rapidly.
  • How to Invest in People – People are the lifeblood of your business. This program will give you the tools to help you transform your business into a results-oriented company that takes care of the people who work for you so they take of your business while you are away. I will teach you my time-tested 10-step method to identifying, hiring, and on-boarding great employees who will run your business the way you would do it.


  • A Proven Delegation PlanYou will get two simple yet effective tools to leverage other people’s expertise and time to allow you to get out of the weeds. These tools will give you back dozens of hours per week.
  • A Tried-and-True Stress Management Technique You will be given a proven tactic based on the Law of Open Cycles that will practically eliminate your stress both personally and for your employees, freeing your mind up to focus on enjoyable things.
  • A Simple Time Management Technique Used by Millionaires: I teach you how to expertly keep track of the day-to-day operations of your company so you’ll feel confident and in control instead of stressed out and in the weeds.
  • A 20-Point Matrix for More Effective Prospecting: You will walk away with your own custom 20-point prospecting matrix that will eliminate time wasted on bad opportunities, increasing your bottom line profit.
  • A Perfect Sales Sequence: My “Perfect Sales Sequence” will give you and your employees a research-backed sales sequence that will increase your close rate by 50%.
  • A Well-Established Hiring Process: Imagine what being able to quickly identify and hire the right people to help run your company the exact way you would…except you don’t have to be present to do so!four
Regular Price $7995
NOW ONLY $4997!

You started your business to change your life. Use my proven experience to show you the map on how to take your business to the next level and start living life on your terms. 

As an entrepreneur who’s dealt with the stress of plateau and feeling overwhelmed, I want to teach you the methods I’ve used to transform my life from an unemployed schoolteacher into a nationally recognized entrepreneur. 

If you’re tired of getting stuck in the weeds, or if you’re sick of trying to get your business off the ground with no support, this is your opportunity to create a MASSIVE shift in your business and life by learning from fact instead of theory. 

Limited spots are availableSign up for the Group Coaching Cohort today and get the knowledge you need to build, scale, and enjoy your business, setting you up for future success and a grand exit.

Commonly Asked Questions.

How is your group coaching different? 

We focus on RESULTS by teaching from fact instead of watered-down theory. There is no fluff and no BS in this course, only the iron principles that work. The strategy you’ll receive comes from one of America’s top entrepreneurs who built his businesses from the ground up and has achieved national recognition.

Who’s in the Cohort?

Your cohort will have new and experienced entrepreneurs alike. This creates a unique opportunity that allows you to learn with people from various backgrounds, network with other high-level entrepreneurs, and be a part of a community that supports you for years to come. We screen members ahead of time to ensure that only the entrepreneurs who are serious about obtaining results are allowed in.

What do I get?

With this level of top-tier education, you will be able to run your business without being present physically every day, giving you more time, freedom, and control over your destiny than ever before.

Jason will guide you step-by-step and show you the process of building a sustainable, scalable business model while providing ongoing support and accountability along the way.

The Cost?

We intentionally designed this course as an affordable option for any entrepreneur who’s looking for guidance on getting out of their current situation and turning it into something greater. This is the service I wish I had when I was starting out.

The small investment in this 12-week program will be multiplied back to you in more time, more money, more LIFE!

Any Guarantees?

Here is my promise to you. If you listen, do the work, and really put all you have into this, then you will learn how to Exit Without Exiting and be well on your way to making it happen this year! If you don’t feel like you have the tools and information that set you up to live your ideal life once you finish the 12-weeks, I’ll personally give you 100% of your money back.

If you were able to change your life, you’d wish you started sooner!


The Real Jason Duncan

Jason Duncan is a nationally recognized entrepreneur who teaches business owners how to profitably exit their businesses without selling them. He’s also a family man who loves his motorcycles (perhaps a bit too much.)

His story is unique. He went from spending thirteen years in pastoral ministry and four years as a school teacher to becoming an “accidental entrepreneur” with national success. The businesses he launched have been recognized by Inc. magazine, making the exclusive Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America. His businesses have also graced the pages of Entrepreneur magazine’s list of the top entrepreneurial companies in the nation. 

Other notable accomplishments include winning the Rising Star Award from the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, being nominated in the Nashville Business Journal’s Sumner County Impact Awards, and being nominated to the 40 Under 40 Awards. 

Today he is the consummate entrepreneur who owns six companies and is involved in media. He’s dedicated his life to helping you achieve success by taking the wonderful lessons he’s learned and teaching them to you.

Most importantly, Jason is a passionate and dedicated professional who loves Jesus. 

He lives in Gallatin, Tennessee (Nashville area). He has two adult children who are 19 and 21. He has been married to his high school sweetheart since 1995. He enjoys playing guitar, riding motorcycles, and traveling as much as possible with his wife in their RV. 

Want to learn more? You can listen to him by tuning into The Root of All Success podcast, where he interviews highly successful entrepreneurs about their keys to entrepreneurial success or you can connect with him on social media.

Wait! Want to talk to someone on my team about The Business Accelerator? Got questions? Will this fit your plan and goals?