Everything you need to know to
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The Complete Start-up Guide for Entrepreneurs

We know the risk you’re taking in lifting your business off the ground, and you deserve a mentor and an education that will give you the kind guidance you can’t find anywhere else.

The truth is, the education system has failed you, just as it failed me — because no one ever taught us how to be entrepreneurs.

Without the right education and real life experience, you will suffer financially and emotionally thinking the mistakes made are inevitable — but they don’t have to be.

That’s why I created Results University: to take the pain away and create a system to help startups and growing businesses jumpstart their success without having to endure the pain of blind trial and error.

I built my businesses to multi-million dollar status, and no longer have to operate them because I have a strong and dedicated team I can trust to run the operations.

But for a long time before that point I suffered until I learned the how, and that’s what I’m offering at Results U.

I was able to totally transform my business in less than 6 months with what I learned at Results University.

Jason Duncan is unrivaled as a business coach. His superior level of analytical and executive thinking has redirected my vision as a leader to lead my company in a completely different direct focusing on steadfast growth. If anyone needs a coach/mentor to assist with guiding their dream or vision, Jason is a definite must to have on their team!

– Jason Santiago, Founder, FitRev Training

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

I am The Real Jason Duncan. I’m a teacher, a leader, an investor, and an innovator whose personal mission is to use my gifts of teaching and leadership to help people like you get the results you truly want out of life.

I’ve successfully started 10 companies and grown them to multi-million dollar status and have been listed among the top entrepreneurial companies in the US by Inc. magazine and Entrepreneur magazine.

Right now, you have a dream. But not just any dream, this is the kind of dream that could make millions and change the world. This dream is a golden business idea. You know that given the right circumstances your business would take off. You lie awake at night with excitement imagining what it would be like to run this business and become an entrepreneur. The thought of going all-in on this lifestyle is exhilarating and scary at the same time. You want it more than anything.

But there’s a problem… it’s just a dream.

You don’t know how to make this a reality because you don’t know how to launch a business successfully. You’ve been in and around the business world, but also know there’s a difference between having a good idea and running a million-dollar company. You feel stuck in your current circumstances.

What you will learn in the Complete Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs will prepare you to face the world as a true entrepreneur. You will wake up every morning excited, ready to embrace both risk and innovation. You will be living the life you want to live. The dream of business ownership will no longer be just a dream, but a reality. You will have the tools and know-how to launch and successfully run a business in six months or less. Not only that – you will have an MBA-level education in entrepreneurship without the MBA-level debt.

You have a business idea that you know will take off. You can feel it in your bones. You just need the tools and know-how to make it happen. You dream about the day you can successfully run your business and live the life of an entrepreneur. The idea is gnawing at you day and night. The life of a successful entrepreneur is what you are craving.

82% of businesses fail due to lack of education on how to run a business successfully.

According to Forbes.com, entrepreneurs who take advantage of third-party expertise see their startups grow 3.5x faster than those who don’t. They also raise 7x more money.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

"Since working with Jason Duncan and the Results University team, we have realized the benefit of having a true leader and entrepreneurial mind. For any person wanting to learn how to grow and scale and become a successful entrepreneur, growing with Jason is hugely beneficial." —Jason Weiss, Founder, Symphony Wealth

Within the first 90 days of your experience as a student in RU, you will learn the keys to success that thousands of entrepreneurs have used to unlock success in business. You will also learn how to draw up the formation documents, structure your operating agreement, prepare your bookkeeping format, and prepare for your successful exit from your company.

So Here's The Bottom Line With The Complete Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Go from Start-up to Success in 6 Months or Less.

At Results University we know that you want to be a successful entrepreneur. But in order to do that, you need to launch a business. The problem is you didn’t receive an education on how to be an entrepreneur which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We believe we should all have the opportunity to learn how to be successful business owners and entrepreneurs. We understand how hard it is to start and grow a business on your own, which is why we’ve helped clients launch, scale, and grow businesses for 7+ years.

“The Complete Start-up Course for Entrepreneurs: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Go from Start-up to Success in 6 Months or Less”

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Understanding these motivational factors behind why people buy will help you as a sales professional better craft your pitch and explanation of services so that you close more deals.

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