All RU Students are required to attend an RU Orientation Zoom Session prior to taking their first lesson. The purpose of the Orientation Session is to review the entire ResultsUniveristy.org website and the learning management system. In this session, RU Students will learn:

•How the entire RU educational system is organized
•How each RU course is outlined
•How each RU lesson is outlined and delivered
•How to navigate the website
•How to view lessons
•How to download lesson outlines
•How to download supplemental documents, templates, worksheets, etc. from the RTI Library
•How to access the private RU student chat
•How to access the private RU Masters Cohort (for RU Masters Students only)
•How to view the calendar of events
•How to register for the regular Q&A Sessions, Zoom Seminars, Bonus Seminars, etc.
•How to pay for additional Zoom Sessions, Seminars, etc. (RU Masters Students get free access)
•How to register for RU Live Events
•How to upgrade your RU experience
•How to reach out to RU staff with questions
•How to access past Zoom recordings (not available to all RU levels)
•How to book coaching sessions with a Certified RTI Coach (free for RU Masters Students)

RU Orientation Calls are held live via Zoom on a regular basis. Calls are typically 60 minutes in length. The calendar of events at ResultsUniversity.org/events shows the schedule of all calls. If an RU Student is not able to attend a live RU Orientation Call, he or she is welcome to access a recording of a past call at ResultsUniversity.org/orientation. Please note that attending a Live RU Orientation Call is highly encouraged to get your personal questions answered.