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As an entrepreneur, it is natural for you to look around you and wonder how other entrepreneurs have achieved success. What keys did they use to unlock such successful lives and successful companies? The Root of All Success looks deeply into the unique stories of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, many of whom you’ve never heard of. Success is within your grasp, too, if you simply use the same keys these amazingly successful entrepreneurs used to unlock their success. There are five specific keys to success that every entrepreneur has used to unlock their level of success. We talk about how they each used these keys to unlock success on the show. You get the benefit of learning how to emulate their success by using the same keys.

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Root of All Success


From Finance To Real Estate: The Indisputable Keys To Success With Meg Epstein

Many think that success is individual gameplay, but when you take a closer look, you’ll find some common things that intersect among most, if not all, successful companies. Jason Duncan has the theory to back that, which underscores the five indisputable keys to success: passion, place, people, preparation, and plan. In this episode, he discusses this with Meg Epstein, a real estate developer with over a decade of experience creating innovative and smartly designed homes and neighborhoods and the founder of the development firm, CA South. Beginning with her success story, Meg shares how she walked away from a perfect career in finance and moved to Nashville to start her development company. She also gives her thoughts about what she thinks success is, what role money plays in it, and how you extend it by helping others. Plus, Meg then dives deep into her passion, the people that helped her along the way, and her plans and strategies for even more growth.

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Helping Entrepreneurs Find Their Zone Of Genius And Achieve Mindset Mastery With Mike Zeller

As a business owner, wearing all hats in your business is not only optional, but absolutely detrimental to achieving your goals. You need to find your zone of genius and operate within it so that you can focus on doing what drives the most value to your business. One of the world’s preeminent life coaches and motivational speakers, Mike Zeller, specializes in helping entrepreneurs in this regard. On his way to becoming one of America’s top entrepreneur mentors, Mike is easily the most famous entrepreneur you’ve never heard of. Listen to his conversation with Jason Duncan to learn more about his two-pronged program that sets entrepreneurs up for the success they’ve always strived after. Plus, see if Jason’s five principles of success hold up to Mike’s teachings as well!

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Markham Capital Partners: Helping Entrepreneurs Exit Gracefully And Get What They Want Out Of Life With Andrew Kilpatrick

What can you accomplish with a Bachelor’s Degree in Genetics and Religious Studies? Apparently, quite a lot. Before founding his own private equity firm, Markham Capital Partners, Andrew Kilpatrick has been in the trenches for a while doing things that had nothing to do with that degree. But his forays from one thing to the other eventually led him to space where he can make a difference in helping entrepreneurs get what they want out of life by providing them with generous exit solutions. Joining The Real Jason Duncan in this episode, Andrew tells us how passion, place, people, preparedness, and plan all played into his huge levels of success in all the roles life has placed upon him to play. Listen in and pick up a thing or two that can guide you on your own path to success.

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Want to be a guest on The Root of All Success?

We’re always on the lookout for amazingly successful entrepreneurs with a great story.

On The Root of All Success, we are looking ONLY for entrepreneurs who founded their own companies without the help of a family business or franchise. Generally speaking, we seek to interview entrepreneurs whose businesses are producing $10mm in annual revenue and who have built a personal net worth of at least $5mm as a result of the businesses they started. These financial metrics are not hard and fast rules that would disqualify you from being on the show. The main thing is we want guests who are truly successful and who are willing to share their story of how they achieved success.

Please note: If you do not have the experience of starting your own successful business, then do not apply.

If you are confident that you would be an amazing guest for the show, are willing and able to be outgoing, energetic and effusive, please book a 20-minute pre-screening call with Jason’s team. The purpose of this call is to share how the podcast process is designed. At the conclusion of this call, we will together decide next steps to schedule the podcast recording.