The Complete Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs


How to go from startup to success in 6 months or less.





Welcome to The Complete Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs. This is the beginning of your journey to get your business up and running successfully in six months or less. This course has 11 lessons that are designed specifically to give you everything you need to know to get started. There are five more advanced courses that will help you establish your business for long-term enjoyment and positive cash flow. Students who are enrolled in Results University get access to the other five courses. If you want to upgrade your membership, click the upgrade link on this page.


Lesson 1 gives you insight into the differences between small business owners and entrepreneurs. You must understand the mindset difference between these two things to get to success as an entrepreneur.


Lesson 2 is a deep dive into the five keys to entrepreneurial success. If you have already taken our free success assessment, then this will give you much more information about the outcome of your assessment. If you have not yet taken it, we encourage you to go to and take it before taking this lesson. 


Lesson 3 takes a look at the paradox of independence as an entrepreneur. Whether you know it now or not, your independent spirit as an entrepreneur can be a strength and a weakness. This lesson will teach you how to harness it for strength and prevent the negative consequences of the independent spirit.


Lesson 4 explores the key advice that we give every entrepreneur at the outset of their journey to start a business. This advice is age-old wisdom born straight from experience from dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs who have gone before you. Make sure that you pay attention to what you must have as you start your business.


Lesson 5 explores how risk is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur. The difference is that you must understand how to calculate it and accept it. There will be times when you must avoid it, but there are other times when you must embrace it. This lesson will help you understand the differences.


Lesson 6 explores the controversial topic of cofounders. You will understand why there’s no such thing as a cofounder. If you have a partner in your business now, this is critical to understand. Even if you don’t have a partner, understanding why this is important is necessary for success.


Lesson 7 is critically important because you must understand what your primary role is as the founder of your company. Most entrepreneurs fail at their job as founders because they do things the founder shouldn’t be doing. This one is a good one. Pay attention and take notes.


Lesson 8 piggybacks on lesson 7. Now that you know your primary role as the founder, this lesson will teach you how to stay laser-focused on your vision, which is part of your primary role as the founder. Make sure you download the documents and use them to help you stay laser-focused on your vision.


Lesson 9 looks at the pros and cons of having a business partner. Bad partnerships have been the cause of thousands of business failures around the world. Whether or not you have a partner today, this lesson is still critically important for you to understand. You never know what the future may hold. If you have a partner, then this is especially critical for you to pay attention to.


Lesson 10 tells you exactly how to write a solid operating agreement in the event that you have a partner. If you do not have a partner, an operating agreement is not necessary. However, still pay attention to this lesson because you never know what the future may hold. As you grow as an entrepreneur, you may end up going into business with other people. Remember this lesson when that day comes.


The final lesson in this course, lesson 11, teaches you how to plan early for your exit. You will exit your business at some point in the future. This lesson tells you and shows you how important it is to plan for that day now rather than waiting until later. This lesson can save you millions of dollars. 


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