Transition From
Business Owner to Entrepreneur

RTI Coach

You Need a Business Coach If You Want to Succeed

As a Business Coach, I am the ultimate fast track to reaching your goals. My clients see a 570% return on investment in my strategic consulting & coaching.

Consider the following improvements you can expect by working with me as your coach:

  • Productivity (53%)

  • Quality (48%)

  • Organizational strength (48%)

  • Customer service (39%)

  • Job satisfaction (61%)

  • Cost Reductions (23%)

  • Bottom Line Profitability (22%)

  • Top Line Revenue (14%)

I am the President & Founder of Results Through Integrity (RTI), a world-class coaching and consulting firm serving entrepreneurs and business owners.

I lead a group coaching cohort called Exit Accelerator. Read more by clicking this link

In addition to group coaching, I provide one-on-one private consulting to select entrepreneurs. These engagements focus on my unique Exit Without Exiting concept. These private consulting sessions can help entrepreneurs get to success much more quickly and without the high stress and low margin that most entrepreneurs experience on their journey. If you want to inquire about a one-on-one coaching engagement, please click here to book a short compatibility call to see if I can help.

RTI also provides Certified RTI Coaches for entrepreneurs and business leaders who wish to hire private, certified business coaches.

If you are interested in seeing if I or one of my Certified RTI Coaches is compatible with your needs, click here to schedule a complimentary 20-minute compatibility meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, you will be given the opportunity to move forward with the coaching engagement. 

Results University

Learn how to go from startup to success in 6 months or less

I am the Founder of, the world’s premier online educational platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

As a student in RU, you will learn exactly how to start, scale, enjoy, and successfully exit a business while maximizing profitability. Your acumen as a business leader and professional salesperson will increase tremendously.

The Complete Start-up Guide for Entrepreneurs is a self-guided course with 11 lessons that cover everything you need to know to start and grow a brand new business. 

RU also offers THREE LIVE TRAININGS (via Zoom) per month on topics related to growing and scaling your business. Learn more at

Don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a traditional college education when–for a fraction of that cost–you can receive a million dollar education and actually learn relevant skills and information that will accelerate your success as an entrepreneur and business leader.


Get a hands-on education and personal mentorship directly from me

Learn How to Earn a Professional Income.

I launched my exclusive Professional Entrepreneur Apprenticeship Program known as PEAP in 2020. A PEAP apprentice is immersed in a practical, hands-on mentorship program that will provide real-world experience working with a successful entrepreneur.

It is a one year program organized into two 90-day segments and one 180-day segment. At the conclusion of the program, PEAPs are ready to do one of the following:

 (1) Become a partner in one of my companies with me.

(2) Start a company of your own with me as an investor and partner.

(3) Stay on as an executive-level employee in one of my companies.

(4) Leave the company to go do your own thing on your own.