Course Catalog

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Course Code: ENTP

RU offers six courses and 43 lessons that cover the entire gamut of entrepreneurship. These courses are designed to introduce students to the concept of entrepreneurship & the skills, tactics, and information required to be a successful entrepreneur.

ENTP 100 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENTP 200 – Essentials for Entrepreneurs

ENTP 300 – Business Management

ENTP 400 – Marketing & Sales for Entrepreneurs

ENTP 500 – Human Capital Basics for Entrepreneurs

ENTP 600 – Advanced Human Capital Concepts

Course Code: LEAD

RU offers six courses and 39 lessons that cover the subject of leadership with a particular focus on business leadership. These courses are designed to help students understand how to become leaders, improve as leaders, and lead businesses

LEAD 100 – Introduction to Leadership

LEAD 200 – Practical Leadership Theory

LEAD 300 – Basic Leadership Laws

LEAD 400 – Advanced Leadership Laws

LEAD 500 – Communication Skills for Leaders

LEAD 600 – Productivity Skills for Leaders

Course Code: SALE

RU offers seven courses and 53 lessons that cover practically everything that one needs to know to become a successful professional sales person. Specifically, these lessons are designed to give students practical and tactical information to execute the sales process more effectively, leading to more closed deals.

SALE 100 – Introduction to Sales

SALE 200 – Sales Communication Skills

SALE 300 – Basic Sales Psychology

SALE 400 – Advanced Sales Psychology

SALE 500 – Sales Prospecting

SALE 600 – Sales Closing

SALE 700 – Advanced Sales Tactics

Course Code: FINL

RU offers four courses and 26 lessons that cover essential financial educational concepts that all entrepreneurs and business leaders must have in order to be successful. Financial literacy in general is an often-overlooked educational aspect for today’s leaders. Being literate in financial concepts is critical to success in today’s business culture.

FINL 100 – Basic Financial Terms

FINL 200 – Bookkeeping Basics

FINL 300 – Assets & Liabilities

FINL 400 – Making & Growing Money

Course Code: SPFA

RU offers four courses and more than 19 lessons that introduce students to basic spiritual and faith concepts with a specific and particular attention to faith in Jesus and the Bible. SPFA courses 100, 200, & 300 are designed to give basic information for students wishing to learn about the Bible and Jesus. SPFA 400 is a course dedicated to reviewing business applications from the book of Proverbs. As of today, there are 20 lessons already created for SPFA 400. However, moving forward RU will continually add to SPFA 400 until every major business concept is successfully extracted from the book of Proverbs for the education of RU students. As a reminder, SFPA courses can be taken back-to-back without respect to a seven-day lockout between lessons as in all other subjects.

SPFA 100 – Bible Basics

SPFA 200 – Beliefs & Practices

SPFA 300 – Jesus & Religion

SPFA 400 – Weekly Wisdom for Business Leaders