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Four Core Principles to Living #TheExitLifestyle

1. Embrace Delegation

You must stop doing everything yourself. It is not sustainable and you will never be able to exit your business if you don’t learn how to delegate effectively. I’ll teach you something called “Margin Theory” which explains how to pinpoint which tasks to delegate in order to get more time back (i.e. “margin”). Margin is where success truly happens.

2. Eliminate Stress

Successful people know that stress and success are not compatible. In order to successfully exit your business, you’ve got to manage and eliminate your stress. I’ll teach you The Law of Open Cycles which reveals that stress is not caused by the endurance of stressful situations. Rather, it is caused by too many “open cycles” at once. I will teach you how to manage your open cycles, effectively eliminating your stress, and prepare you to exit quickly. This is the secret that elite millionaire entrepreneurs use to manage their daily tasks.

3. Establish Systems and Processes

In order to exit your business, you must lead your company to develop and implement systems and processes that will keep the company running without your direct input. I will teach you specifically how to implement a three-part sales system that will keep revenue flowing as you exit the business. My Perfect Sales Sequence will increase your closing rate by 50%, giving you the comfort and peace of mind knowing that the business will continue to be profitable upon your exit.

4. Invest In People

How you treat your employees is how they will treat your customers. I will teach you how to treat your employees. You must properly invest in your people if you want to be absent from the day-to-day operations of your business. I will teach you how to get your team members motivated by focusing on the Five Pillars of Excellence: culture, data management, cost management, communication, & service. These pillars will build a bridge that will allow the company to flourish as you exit without exiting.

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