You Need a Business Coach If You Want to Succeed

Working with a Business Coach is the ultimate fast track to reaching your goals. 

My clients see a 570% return on investment in my strategic consulting & coaching.

Consider the following improvements you can expect by working with me as your coach:

  • Productivity (53%)

  • Quality (48%)

  • Organizational strength (48%)

  • Customer service (39%)

  • Job satisfaction (61%)

  • Cost Reductions (23%)

  • Bottom Line Profitability (22%)

  • Top Line Revenue (14%)

I am a world-class coach who only serves entrepreneurs and business owners.

My VIP Unlimited Coaching package gets you access to The Real Jason Duncan as your personal coach and guide to help you with every issue in your business.

Benefits of The Real Jason Duncan's VIP All Access Coaching Package

  • Never feel alone in your journey to build, scale, enjoy, and exit your business
  • Access to a network of mentors, coaches, and other service providers to help you answer the tough questions
  • Regular accountability to make sure you are staying on track and reaching your goals
  • A wise sounding board for ideas, venting, brainstorming, etc. 
  • Accelerate your business growth and business acumen; shrink years of trial and error into one year 
  • Get genuine advice and feedback about your business and your next big adventure
  • Have a sounding board for your ideas and how best to exit
  • Gain access to more resources to get to exit more quickly

What's Included in the VIP All Access Coaching Package?

  • Two (2) scheduled Zoom calls per month
  • Unlimited phone calls between scheduled sessions
  • Four (4) scheduled site visits per year for Jason to visit your office
  • Top priority over other clients
  • 24-hour access to Jason through a private chat group
  • Reach out to Jason anytime to chat, work through issues, etc. 
  • Access to Jason’s entire network of other experts and coaches to help you
  • Free enrollment into the Business Accelerator (an $8000 value)
  • $10,000 off The Exiter Club