The Exiter Club

An Exclusive Mastermind For Select Entrepreneurs Who Want To Live #TheExitLifestyle

You did not start your business to have a job. You wanted freedom over your time, energy, and money. You want control. You want options.

The Exiter Club is your fast-track to living the exit lifestyle, which transforms you from owner-operator to owner-investor.

What if there was a way to exit the daily operations of your business without you having to sell it to someone else?

  • Slash your working hours by up to 50%
  • Drive more customers, clients, and profits into your business
  • Cut stress from your life so you feel healthy, energized, and strong
  • Ready your business for maximum growth and scale
  • Finally get the freedom you wanted when you started the company to begin with

This mastermind will prepare you to exit the daily operations of your business sooner than you ever felt possible. Think of your return on investment. What is freedom worth to you?

How exactly will joining The Exiter Club benefit you?

  • Tap into a rare form of collective wisdom with other successful entrepreneurs who want to exit successfully and live the exit lifestyle.
  • A supportive and exclusive community of like-minded people who all want to build, scale, enjoy, and exit their businesses.
  • Open your mind to new and bigger ideas about the next chapter of your life as an entrepreneur.
  • Get genuine advice and feedback about your business and your next big adventure.
  • Have a sounding board for your ideas and how best to exit.
  • Gain access to valuable resources to get to exit more quickly.
  • Expand your network to know more people like you.
  • Learn to have more confidence in your business and life plans.
  • Trusted accountability to attain goals on your timeline.

What can you expect to receive by joining The Exiter Club?

  • Two luxury retreats per year included (spouses welcome)
  • Invitations to select exclusive live events around the U.S.
  • Discounted tickets to conferences and summits
  • Personalized “Exiter Plan” reviewed by The Real Jason Duncan
  • Access to The Real Jason Duncan through Signal chat group
  • Private communication forum for all Exiters
  • Accountability for getting you a solid plan to exit your business
  • Access to private one-on-one consulting sessions with some of the world’s top experts twice a month
  • Discounts on private coaching with The Real Jason Duncan

Two Luxury All-inclusive Retreats Every Year!

My mission is to use my gifts of teaching and leadership to help others achieve the results they want out of life.

Currently, I am the owner of five companies, one of which has been recognized nationally by Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines. I went from unemployed schoolteacher to millionaire through entrepreneurship. My next achievement was successfully exiting the daily operations of that business so I could live #TheExitLifestyle and launch several other companies. Now, when I’m not traveling with my wife, I spend my time coaching other entrepreneurs on how to #exitwithoutexiting so they can live #theexitlifestyle, too.

The Exiter Club Includes:

  • 2 club meetings per month via Zoom
  • Direct access to The Real Jason Duncan 
  • Select private live events around the US
  • 2 luxury retreats for you and your spouse included with each year of membership 
  • Private communication forum for all Exiters 
  • The accountability you need to get a solid plan to exit your business
  • Free coaching with other experts each month