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As an entrepreneur, it is natural for you to look around you and wonder how other entrepreneurs have achieved success. What keys did they use to unlock such successful lives and successful companies? The Root of All Success looks deeply into the unique stories of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, many of whom you’ve never heard of. Success is within your grasp, too, if you simply use the same keys these amazingly successful entrepreneurs used to unlock their success. There are five specific keys to success that every entrepreneur has used to unlock their level of success. We talk about how they each used these keys to unlock success on the show. You get the benefit of learning how to emulate their success by using the same keys.

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Root of All Success


Make The Best Decision Today: Lessons From The Journey Of A Hippie-Raised Entrepreneur With Jason Weiss

“What is the best decision today?” All throughout his journey, Jason Weiss asks himself his question every day. Raised in a family of San Francisco hippies, Jason was used to living in the moment and not worrying too far ahead. In fact, the concept of success as defined in the dictionary is quite strange to him as he is constantly on the move. Jason Duncan follows his journey from backwoods California, to baseball, to bookselling, to being a lawyer involved in politics, to practicing in a firm that exclusively deals with a single famous person’s estate matters, and to being his own boss as the CEO of a company that provides wealth and estate advice to high net worth individuals. Listen in and see how Jason D’s five P’s hold up to Jason W’s colorful entrepreneurial journey. Spoiler alert: the fifth P fits perfectly to Jason W’s story. Listen in.

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Ideas And Execution: What Separates Entrepreneurs From Wantrepreneurs With Neil Amrhein

There is no shortage of brilliant ideas, but what separates the real entrepreneurs from the wantrepreneurs is the execution. It is the reason why we always see incredible stories of unlikely people bootstrapping themselves to success in business. A lot of times, you don’t even need to have a groundbreaking product or process to disrupt the market; you just need to make improvements and applications that nobody has thought of before. Neil Amrhein, the founder of All About Care and My Goat, certainly embodies that successful entrepreneur vibe, having moved from room service to politics to home health and now to lawn care. To Neil, there is no one way to run a company – indeed, he uses two very different methodologies to grow his home health business and his lawn care operation. Despite the difference in the two business models, what ties them together is Neil’s readiness to execute instead of getting caught up in the idea stage. Listen in to learn if Jason Duncan’s five P’s hold up to this quirky outlier in the entrepreneurial universe.

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The Process To Success: Working Towards A Goal With Derek Godwin

Texas-born and Tennessee-raised, Derek Godwin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to change the world. Derek graduated college at the top of his class. Fast forward years later, he now owns and operates many businesses that range from real estate to engineering and even technology that bring in over $40 million annually in revenue. Today, Derek sits down with Jason Duncan over some cigar to talk about the process he’s taken to reach success. He also opens up about his definition of success which is working together towards a goal. Learn from Derek’s process and discover how you, too, can be successful.

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Want to be a guest on The Root of All Success?

We’re always on the lookout for amazingly successful entrepreneurs with a great story.

On The Root of All Success, we are looking ONLY for entrepreneurs who founded their own companies without the help of a family business or franchise. Generally speaking, we seek to interview entrepreneurs whose businesses are producing $10mm in annual revenue and who have built a personal net worth of at least $5mm as a result of the businesses they started. These financial metrics are not hard and fast rules that would disqualify you from being on the show. The main thing is we want guests who are truly successful and who are willing to share their story of how they achieved success.

Please note: If you do not have the experience of starting your own successful business, then do not apply.

If you are confident that you would be an amazing guest for the show, are willing and able to be outgoing, energetic and effusive, please book a 20-minute pre-screening call with Jason’s team. The purpose of this call is to share how the podcast process is designed. At the conclusion of this call, we will together decide next steps to schedule the podcast recording.